Why do we want a GALACTIC SOCIETY?

What could be in a Galactic Society?
Here is a quick list for preview of what we have & what we don’t have.


We have….
1. Free energy devices/technology. These are amazing. They can clean pollution, can turn deserts into green & beautiful vegetation, can grow food quickly, can desalinate water for drinking, and etc….Free-energy is the king of all trade.
2. Ships and shuttles that travel by free energy technology. Community ships/shuttles that anyone can freely take rides. They travel in the air or underwater. Just tell them where you want to go, you’ll be there in no time. They can travel around the globe in minutes or cruise for sight seeing.
3. Teleportation machines & areas. They teleport you to Mother Ships that are too big to land on Earth. Some are bigger than this planet.

4. Light/sound healing centers…. where diseases & sickness are eradicated.
5. Spiritual Learning Centers…. to learning anything you want.
6. All foods are organic, clean, nutritious and filled with tastes. Water will be clean & refreshing. Duplicators will make vegan food that tastes like anything you want: steak, fried chicken, saute lobsters, snow crabs, etc….
7. Floating cities….Let the imagination runs wild with this one.
8. Star People of different shapes & sizes & looks everywhere, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Fairies & other kingdoms will be united with us.

We DON’T have….No more….
1. Oppressive Organized Religions. These organized religions filled with lies/illusions will all disappear. Everyone will be un~brainwashed from all the faulty beliefs that were installed & used as mind-control. We respect individual consciousness. We do not believe/tell others that they will go to Hell because they have different beliefs (This is the worst insult, because going to Hell is the worst thing). Please remove/drop this faulty belief=big Ego from your head so the frequency can rise. There is No Hell because….There is reincarnation. Plenty of people have memories of past lifetimes.
2. No Oppressive Government (Wars). They will collapse. These government designed to benefit the few while many suffer will be gone, be replaced by spiritual “government” that is there for highest good of all. All the systems of governing will be exposed of their hidden agendas.
3. Money….We use technology, energy devices & duplicators for things we need. Duplicators can duplicate food/ water. Clothes can be made from energy devices. Homes/Shelters can be made with advanced technology. Why would money exist if everything needed for living can be provided freely with advanced free-energy technology??

4. No more cars, buses, planes or anything that runs on gas, petroleum, or ethanol that can pollute the planet. Traveling devices all will run on free energy technology that is clean/pollution free.
5. No sickness or diseases because all would be eradicated by advanced technology and healing centers that are thousands of years more advanced compare to what you know now. Everyone’s health & vitality will be restored.
6. No hungry/thirsty people or kids on the streets. We can feed 100 times the current population and still have left over.
7. No GMO food, fluorided water, chemical filled food/waters, no air pollution or chemtrail, no farming animals for food, no killing of animals, and none of those low vibrations/low frequency stuff.
8. No Aging….There is technology to stop aging & reverse aging. Stay young and youthful. Say goodbye to wrinkles & fine lines.

Wow, that all seems like a dream. No, that is reality, coming. This life is “The REAL DREAM”….It’s about time everyone (starting to) wakes up from this illusion-filled world. Our Star Families & millions of ships are here. They have technology for everything and anything you can imagine ….and so much more. The ships are all over the sky; ships have shown themselves; there are millions of them on videos; millions have seen them in the night sky. They are waiting for us to “come up, before they can come down”=our consciousness (vibration/frequency) has to rise up to certain level that allow a safe landing without much chaos….Plus, things have to be in proper place in proper times so that as much chaos can be prevented.

Can you see why we want to be a Galactic Society so bad?
because it is ENCODED IN OUR DNA….some of us have been there & we want to go back. Some remember past lifetimes on other planets clearly.

It is IMMINENT because Gaia=spirit of Earth has AscendED onto higher frequency, her body is waiting for us. In the past, the dark forces have prevented the manifestation of the Golden Age on Earth, multiple times. Too bad for them, this time, we ARE HAVING IT, whether they like it or not. The momentum is speeding up. Rise, Rise, Rise….the frequency.

Until we become fully-conscious Galactic Beings in the current body, as Galactic Citizen in a Galactic Society, filled with different Star People and ships from near and far (in the physical)….keep Ascending. Sang Nguyen Celestial Aeon Trance of Avadhuta Brahman Christos



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