aleanzadellalucehologrphicthougt so immagine that this is my holographic brain connecting to galactic comunication. in the last few days i was in a steadily galactic comunication and through my system were running a lot of codes, sounds and languages. the human race actually is still connected to  etheric programms installed of the old matrix to take them under control. NOW the galactic comunications   start to desintregrate all that etheric programs  especially that ones which  resides in the third eye to give pictures  producing emotions of lack , suffering and destruction. the matrix and their CREATORS nurished themselves through that, giving them the  POWER. but NOW it’s definetly over and the freedom of all UMAN RACE is already in action. MY system and hologrphic mind  already settled the new MATRIX as a new etheric grid. the color of the grid is gold , orange and yellow.  me and other Multidimensinal BEings   are now sustaining the project together challenging the new MATRIX. 24 hours per 7 days. through the galactic comunications all the old patterns are getting destroyed…in every cell, molecule ,atom and sub- atomic particle. simultaneously all the new patterns are coming through …so i can see an exchange of cell information in all living structures her on EArth: well the energies are still pushing and shifting the NEW.coming through us in our HUMAN BODY expression. that’s why we are steadily under great pressure feeling discomfort in all our bodies .. Actually an awesome cleansing is running  through everbody…take rest and stay in stillness to feel the beautyful changes in your system. . BODY MIND SPIRIT and SOUL. RE-programming is occuring. almost i  can see the new energy field in gold, orange and pink colour. as i’m living in the beautyful country side of Tuscany and  really enjoy the NEW earth. it is  HERE and NOW. i’m Incorporating day by day all the new galactic codes creating the new MATRIX of golden light, Freedom , UNiversal LOVE, Abbundance and JOY. the breakthrough is already on his trip…one way ticket to LOVE ; ONENESS and BEAUTY. we are here to sustain the galactic project to install the galactic CODES on PLANET EARTH . we are The GALACTIC SOCIETY 



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