Experience, Not Words

Experience, Not Words

Lord Maitreya said on the last Hour with an Angel that the Company of Heaven was inspiring us to want to act like global citizens.

Archangel Gabriel said that we have to expand ours to a global vision of humanity and act in ways that help us channel these energies to others.

Archangel Michael said that we need to let go of old forms and invent new forms that had more flexibility, that resembled more life as it’s lived in the higher dimensions. On other occasions, he’s encouraged us to let go of false grids, the limiting belief systems that we have.

Everywhere we’re being encouraged to expand and flow.  And the Tsunami of Love will wash away whatever encumbrances we haven’t been able to address.

This is the dispensation that we’ve hungered for. This is the blossoming that we’ve longed for. This is the spilling out of the Spirit that the Bible spoke of. (1)

If we really focus in on what’s occurring, well, we’re watching something so rare and significant that it surpasses any earthly event I’m aware of. And we’re the witnesses, the recipients and the conduits.

As a writer, it shows up for me like an obligation to capture the essence of what’s happening. Of course the essence of everything is love and I don’t dispute that. But there’s something else that’s tugging on me. An itch I can’t scratch. Let me see if I can express it.

There’s something we’re missing that’s impeding us from becoming global, dropping limiting belief systems, etc.  I am looking….

There’s some connection between words and the action cycle that follows (perception, definition, reaction and action) that I don’t understand and I feel I should.  In some way, that connection  needs to be broken. It impedes us, blocks us, slows us down.

I’m now in cognitive dissonance, which you know is a precondition for paradigmatic breakthrough.  Things have to get frustratingly confusing and unclear before we break open an old paradigm and replace it with a new.

There’s some special relationship, some way we have with words that no longer serves us.  We consider words to be real, rather than mechanical devices that carry meaning.  We give them a life of their own, independent of the speaker.  It’s as if we fell in love with the robot rather than a person.

And then we invest more meaning in the words than in what is actually happening. Yes, that’s it.

After a while, we erect complete social systems that are based on the word rather than on what is actually happening. We overlook grief and focus on the words. We overlook hurt and focus on the words. We feel self-righteous because we’ve focused on the words. We erect a screen between us and reality and then we believe that the image is real.

I fell in love with Paul Newman on the screen and would not leave the theater. I thought the screen image of him was really him. That’s about the position we’re in. No cheese down that tunnel for me.

To break this false grid, I have to tell myself that the verbal description is not the thing in itself, the menu is not the meal, the map is not the territory.

I know Zen masters have been saying this for centuries, but now we, who are building Nova Earth, have to learn that same lesson, without retreating to the monastery for twenty years.

The word is not the experience. The word is not the actuality. Words are arbitrarily formed and arbitrarily used. Most people don’t speak in ways that are unequivocally clear. When we’re hurt we say things we don’t mean. On and on we could list examples of how words block us from reality as it is.

This is bad news for a writer.  I may need a change of mission (more cognitive dissonance).

But the truth is worth more than anything.

Our reliance on words, instead of how a person is feeling, contracts the meaning of humanness. It prevents us from rising up on our feet and becoming global. It prolongs the drama, extends it, and nourishes it.

I need to, and perhaps we need to, pull back from our reliance on words, written or spoken, and re-connect with our feelings. Substituting words for our experience of each other is not working. As the Growth Movement said, we need to feel each other; experience each other; and then take action.


(1) On the day of Pentecost, the Spirit (the Mother) spilled out herself on the assembled Christians.  The Tsunami of Love is such a spilling out of the Spirit, a wave of love.



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