Re-patterning our Sexuality: Preparation for Living on the New Earth


Dearest Family, and we call you this because as you move into your ascension you come closer and closer to us. Only once before have we been this close to you, and that was when we worked with you in Egypt. Then, as now, our teachings were about beauty, love and power. We are the singers and dancers of the Cosmos, and we come to teach you how to channel and to use your sexual energies in ways that are beautiful and creative and more appropriate for you at this time in your evolution.

We want you to realise that you are powerful and creative beings, and that your sexual energy is a fundamental part of your creative energy. The recent Venus transit has brought to the fore issues of sexuality in your lives. It is time to release old patterns that are held in the Collective Consciousness and replace them with new patterns more suited to where you are now. And it is of this that we need to speak today.



The Imbalances in History

For many thousands of years your sexual energy has been out of balance as a culture. First, you lived in a female-dominated society, called a Matriarchy. Then, more recently, you shifted to a male-dominated society, called a Patriarchy. Both of these modes of cultural being were based on power – the power of one group over another, defined by gender. And so, in your genetic memory and in the Akashic records, are many stories of dominance and control, and unhealthy or imbalanced patterns of abuse and victimization.

In your most recent phase, Patriarchy, power was given to the male, to dominate over the female and children. This has given rise to cultures today where men have absolute control over the lives of women and children, as in the Middle East, to cultures in the developed world where the control is more subtle and less overt. Yet even in these societies, you have problems such as pornography and women and child abuse. In some cases, babies are raped and children tortured in a distorted play of sex and power.

In the Western world, these patterns of power over and the abuser/victim archetypes lie deep in the Collective Mind, and are unfortunately tied up with love and spirituality. But how can that be? You might ask- what has sexual abuse to do with spirituality, or even love?

Well, if you go back in time several hundred years, you will come to a time in the Christian world when male priests and clerics persecuted and tortured female “witches” who were quite often healers and teachers of the so-called Pagan or Wiccan religions. This persecution was carried out in the name of Christianity, and it was given spiritual validity. The torture and murder was undertaken to “save and purify” the souls of those deemed witches, by cleansing them in fire.

But, underlying this were levels of sexual sadism, as male celibate priests played out their repressed and distorted sexual urges on the women who were their “victims”. Many years later, issues such as pornography and sexual abuse so rife in your societies, find their roots in this era. Many of you have Past Life memories of the intense physical sensations of sexual pain and distorted pleasure that accompanied these experiences, and still exist in active form in the Collective Memory Banks. And so, in the present, you as a culture continue to play out these dramas in order to resolve your soul’s addictions to these intense levels of distorted sexual energy charge.

In the African and Arab and many Eastern cultures, often in Muslim dominated areas, this sexual sadism and abuse is also present in the cruel practice of female genital mutilation, also known as female “circumcision”. In this custom, the ability to enjoy normal physical sexual pleasure is taken from the woman, normally at a very young age, about twelve. This form of domination and abuse is also practised in the name of virtue and spirituality. What a sad place your planet has become, and so ready for changes and shifts. So ready to begin the process of re-patterning your sexuality into more healthy and loving forms.

Please understand, we seek to criticize and judge no-one here. For, as you know, there are no “victims” in these self-created dramas, and ALL involved must be responsible for the energies and for bringing them back into balance. And that means all of you.

It is not only sexuality that has been affected, but love too. It is so difficult fo any couple to express their love through sexuality in a balanced way. There are so many images and stories in your culture that insist that one must dominate the other, and that sex is a “right” that one may demand of the other within a relationship. Even with love, it is often difficult for you to deal with these issues in your relationships and to be loving and balanced. We see so many of you struggling with these issues and the residues of your Past Life conditioning.


The First Step of Healing and Re-Patterning: Balancing the Inner Masculine and Feminine Energies

In a Patriarchal culture, it is not only men that shift out of balance. Everyone does. Today, many of the women among you have dominant male energies, and are needing to reconnect with the Inner Female energies. This has been the result of Feminism in your culture, which, “liberated” women and allowed them to develop their potential in ways never before experienced. But it has also lead to many of them becoming too masculine. Also, as a result of Feminism, many men in your western cultures have sought to reconnect with their Inner Feminine energies, ironically becoming too feminine and passive. And so we have a new “out of balance” situation, where women are often too masculine and men are too feminine.

So – the key to finding balance for every individual is to balance the Inner male and Female energies, in order to create a new template for the Collective Consciousness, one that will replace the older one.

Each of you needs to be connected to the inner Male energy. It is the energy of the Spiritual Warrior and Leader within you. This is the Solar energy. It is radiant, strong, confident, warm and assertive. It is the energy of “doing”. It tells you when you need to assert yourself, it gives you confidence and helps you to get things done in the material world. It is outward flowing and active.

The Feminine energy is the Lunar energy. It is soft, receptive, gentle, loving and unconditional, but also very powerful. It is the energy of being. It is inward flowing and passive (as in peaceful). It allows you to be with yourself and with others in non-judgemental ways. It is the place where creative ideas are conceived and birthed and then passed to the masculine so that they may become real in the world.

In a balanced individual, there is a balanced flow between being and doing, active and passive, masculine and feminine. And this inner balance is reflected in the outer or external world in the creation of relationships between beings who are equally balanced in themselves and so can create and maintain relationships that are balanced and loving.

A balanced relationship being one where neither partner dominates the other, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and or sexually.


New Earth Relationships

New Earth relationships will be so different to the relationships you now have. They will be gentler and more playful and yet wise. There will be less intensity and drama, and more caring, nurturing and companionship. You will come to realise that the purpose of relationship, all relationship, is to “relate” – to share and to support and to nuture from your own sense of abundance and completeness.

You will look for relationships that are spiritual and heart-based, rather then physical and emotional. In the Old Earth relationship paradigm, relationships were based on physical atrraction and emotional bonding. In the New earth, your relationships will be based in the heart, in feelings, compassion, connection and mutual respect and support. We forsee many relationships growing between people of different age groups and different cultures, relationships that will be deep and meaningful, and yet would not have seemed possible before because of the narrow limitations of what you considered a relationship to be in your Old Earth energy framework.

These relationships will be light and joyous, and yet capable of real depth and intimacy because the people concerned will be more interested in the connections of the soul rather than the connections of the external and the physical realms.

There will be sharing and caring, and yet both partners will be independent and self-reliant within themselves. There can be no co-dependency in the New Earth. Balance is so important. These relationships will be balanced and loving, between two equally powerful and caring persons. There will be no dominance, no victims, no dramas and no abuse.

There will be commitment – commitment to the relationship and the mutual growth of each of the partners within the relationship. And this will be true for all relationships, not just love or romantic relationships. Friendships will become deeper and more meaningful experiences, as you understand that you have soul families, and that your friends often are close soul relations who are here to love and support you in your work on the planet. And when your relationships exist in this loving and balanced state, then your sexuality will also be loving and balanced. And, once again humans will learn to celebrate and enjoy their creative and sexual energies in ways that are life-enhancing and ecstatic. And we are here to work with you and love you and support you as you move into this loving and love-filled space.

Why is ejaculation control for men so important?

Once a man has reached the point in his sexual development where he begins to understand that just “getting off” isn’t satisfying him or his partner, he craves for more. Which is a natural desire. And in his heart he knows there is more, but often doesn’t know how to achieve these higher pleasures. Tantra teaches us that for a man to achieve the highest Ecstasy possible for himself and his lover, he first needs to learn ejaculation control and to direct his sexual energy up his spine to the higher centers of his brain. In Tantra this sexual energy is known as “kundalini” energy.

When a man masters the ability to move his Kundalini energy up along his spine, he increases the pleasure for himself and his lover to levels that he might never have dreamt of. As a man learns to master the movement his Sexual Energy within his body, he will be able to control his ejaculation. At this point he is free to make love “without” feeling the pressure to ejaculate.

A man’s sensitivity and awareness is profoundly heightened to the subtle and refined pleasures of lovemaking. He steps into an expanded state of consciousness, which allows him to achieve “multiple” and “full-body orgasms”. The benefits of “full-body” orgasm are many. Full-body orgasm frees him from stress and tensions, heals his prostate gland, opens his heart and connects him deeper to his lover and himself. It also facilitates the man in experiencing multiple orgasms. By “multiple” is not to imply “multiple ejaculations”, but rather that once a man learns to move his Kundalini energy through his body he can have orgasms and not ejaculate. This is known as a “dry orgasm” or none-ejaculatory orgasm.
Pump the PC muscles. The pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, which run from your public bone to your tailbone, are the ultimate sex muscles. These are the same muscles used to stop the flow of urine. If properly conditioned, the PCs enable you to stop ejaculation while continuing to enjoy sex. Kegel exercises are the best way to tone the PCs.

Here’s how: Contract your PC muscles three times per day, squeezing 20 to 25 repetitions. This is a simple exercise that you can do at anytime. Just don’t overdo it. After a month of conditioning, try to extend the squeeze, holding each contraction for two seconds. Gradually work up to 10 seconds. Once your PCs are in top shape, you will be able to pump them in order to ride the orgasmic wave without gliding over the brink too soon.

Relax. Although it sounds paradoxical, it’s important for men to stay relaxed during high states of arousal. If you feel the undulations of ejaculation, take a slow, deep breath and stop making love long enough for your arousal to subside. Relax and try to direct energy from your penis up through your body.

Take this time to talk to your partner or to draw several slow, deep breaths. By experimenting, you will discover how much “time out” you require before catching the next wave. The idea is to allow yourself enough time for the intensity to subside, but not so much that you lose your erection.

When you and your partner make love, thrust slowly, allowing your arousal to build gradually. Before your excitement mounts, relax for a moment, tighten your PC muscles and take a deep breath. Resume your lovemaking, continuing to generate excitement.

Then, relax again, hold your PCs and breathe. Continue to ride this swell until you near the crest. Then, open your eyes, clamp down on your PC muscles and take a deep breath to experience the joy of orgasm without ejaculating. Since these techniques take practice, expect a few “wipe outs” before you achieve mastery.”